On the heels of "World That Wasn't" Raygun Ballet returns from the world of tomorrow and charts a course for the land of dreamers. Guided by luminaries both great and small, Raygun Ballet's "Big California" is an American walkabout; a groovy and ethereal pilgrimage through a land of giant donuts, muffler men and magic kingdoms. And in the shadows of old Route 66 gas stations and the faded glory of shuttered Salton Sea motels, "Big California" still finds gold in the Golden State.

While words like "epic" are cliché these days, there is something decidedly cerebral and refreshing about the album mix; something that moves your head as well as your feet. Restrained guitars fit snugly in a warm bed of organ swells, string pads and percolating sequencers. The minimalistic leads build to crashing power chords and soaring cinematic crescendos. Rhythmic pulsing bass lines keep it all grounded and grooving. So, while the word "epic" might be overused, "Big California" is certainly a big album for a big land.

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OEM Radio Big California Review

Here's a brief review of Big California from OEM Radio:

"Raygun Ballet is back with their sophomore LP Big California. There’s a lot in here, and the album reads like a story with a real arc to it. Expect mostly downtempo songs with delicate (but deliberate) rhythms, but at times something from left field, maybe even a slow lurching funk beat. The artwork, odd selection of samples, and wide array of sounds give us the impression of a strange genius at work.

Our favorite entries are Manzanar and On Finding True Color Part II. Check out Legacy in Glass which will give you a true feel for the unique work Raygun brings to the table:"

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